Shipping & Collection

We provide:
  • Door to Door collection & delivery Service within hours of your notice anywhere within the UK.
  • We also provide Automatic updates provided via e-mail or fax, including proof of delivery.
  • Packaging Services if Required.
Packaging Instructions: Steps to follow:

With packaging, please do the following:  

Follow these simple steps to get the drive in to us if and when a hard drive crash happens:
Turn off the computer, if your hard drive is making any clicking noises, or any unusual sounds at all. Shutting your Mac down ensures you don't cause further damage to the drive or data. Remember that in this situation, rebooting can literally kill your hard drive if it is physically damaged already.

  1. Never attempt to fix the problem yourself.
  2. Do Not attemp to open up the hard drive sealed lid, imminent loss of the data will occur if the seal is opened up.
  3. Our specialists will evaluate your disk and shall assess the damage level within 8 working hours.
  4. Do NOT attempt to remove the hard drive yourself, unless the drive has been designed to be removed by simply sliding it out of the casing
  5. Handle the hard disk drive with EXTRA CARE. They can easily be damaged 
  6. Do NOT shake the hard disk, and be sure not to apply pressure to the hard drive casing.
  7. If at all possible, remove the hard drive from the computer. Get expert help if necessary.
  8. Take extra care when packaging a laptop drive for shipping!
  9. Avoid placing any drive without at least three layers of bubble wrap.
  10. Placing the drive in a box is a MUST, please do not ship any drive in an envelope even if the envelope contains bubble, which is inadequate, otherwise the shipped media will suffer damage imminently.

    Packaging instructions:

  1. Place the damaged media/drive in an anti-static bag.
  2. Wrap the drive securely in two layers bubble wrap.
  3. Make sure to place the media in a robust shipping box. Ensure the media is static.
  4. Mark the outside of the package "FRAGILE - HANDLE WITH CARE".
  5. Further to contacting us via Free-Telephone or email to emailing us for a request form please fill out and email back to us or enclose request-form, with the package.

or call us on 08000 439 549 before sealing the box.

We can either arrange to collect your drive at our own cost (if we are notified prior to 12 noon) alternatively, the damaged media can be shipped via Special Delivery Royal Mail guaranteed next-day delivery to our data recovery facility.

Our address:


Unit 9, Northfields Prospect Business Centre,
London SW18 1PE

To track your package, call or go online:


TNT Service
Federal Express (FedEx) Package Tracking
United Parcel Service (UPS) Package Tracking

We will confirm the receipt of your media upon arrival.

  1. Immediately turn off the computer if the disk/drive is clicking, grinding or has stopped spinning
  2. Protect your drive from static charges by placing it in an anti-static bag.
  3. Fill in the online data recovery contact/request form and include the following information:
    • - Is the hard drive clicking, grinding, or has it stopped spinning?
    • - Did the computer crash, or did the server go off-line?
    • - Was the computer dropped, or hit by a power surge?
    • - Were you victim to a computer virus or worm?
    • - Do you need to recover a deleted file?
    • - Was the hard drive accidentally reformatted?
    • - Was a partition deleted or corrupted?
    • - Are you getting any computer messages? Saying the drive is corrupt or unreadable? What are these messages?
    • - Are you being asked by the system to format or initialise the hard drive?
    • - Have you recently installed a new piece of hardware, programme, patch or update? 
  • Contact us immediately on Free line:
0800 0 439 549


Contact details:

For Sales please call Free
0800 0 439 549
Follow up enquiries:
0870 042 9156
220, 270, 485
Payments & accounts:
0870 042 9158
Link: East Putney tube
Upper Richmond Road , (10 mins to the South West)
Link: Putney Bridge tube
Station Approach, (19 mins to the North West)
0845 257 6290
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Unit 9, Northfields Prospect Business Centre,
London SW18 1PE


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